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Washington state Initiative 594 is a joke…

| Commentary | January 28, 2014

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If Washington state passes Initiative 594, the consequences will be a ZERO PERCENT reduction in violent crime, and it will never be repealed.

On the surface, the idea of background checks for EVERY private party firearm sale AND TRANSFER (that includes letting a friend shoot your gun, even in your presence!) in WA sounds very comforting and reassuring, but really it’s more akin to a fairy tale of unicorns and rainbows.

Did you know that you can already perform a private party transfer like this via an FFL, WITHOUT the government forcing you to do so by law? The ATF made this possible back in March of 2013. (Read it here)

Second, this background check aspect can easily be turned on its head by encouraging all legal gun owners to apply for their own Federal Firearms License, thus allowing us to perform these background checks ourselves! How funny would that be? Can you imagine the backlog that would create at the ATF? If it’s background checks the gun grabbers want, we’ll give them background checks, and it’ll be more than the system can handle. Want the instructions on how to become an FFL, here you go: http://www.atf.gov/firearms/how-to/become-an-ffl.html

Third, if gun grabbers can make it more expensive (transfer fees, shipping, or driving farther than necessary to meet up) and inconvenient for us law abiding citizens to buy and sell used firearms, then we will have less discretionary income to spend on NEW firearms and ammo, thus forcing gun shops to close due to the decreased revenue. If gun shops close, fewer gun owners will exist, which is precisely Mayor Bloomberg’s desired outcome.

OR they could just let US call in the background checks ourselves and we’ll keep the bills of sale on hand for 30 years, locked in our personal safes, just like an FFL. BOOM. Problem solved.

If two people that can ALREADY legally own firearms want to exchange cash for a firearm, isn’t a background check extremely arbitrary, moot, and terribly inconvenient? I don’t need the government to tell me that I shouldn’t sell guns to criminals, do you? Besides, the government already has the corner on that market, ahem—“Fast and Furious”—I digress. If something feels off when I go to meet a buyer, I invoke the right to have them follow me to my local gun store and do the transfer there. If they can’t produce proper state ID or refuse to sign a bill of sale then no deal takes place, period. These are huge red flags that I might be selling to a restricted person, so I tell the buyer that I will not complete the transaction without involving an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee). What are they going to do, get upset at me? I’m the one still carrying a gun! (Legally carrying the gun I might add.)

Listen, criminals aren’t buying guns from you and me, they are buying their guns FROM OTHER CRIMINALS. They are buying guns with missing serial numbers (possession of which is a felony), they are buying guns out of the trunks of hoop DeVilles in the dark at 2AM on the side of a run down gas station. Bottom line, criminals who already can’t legally own firearms, WILL NOT be buying and selling their firearms via private party sales at their local gun shop if this initiative passes. Only the law abiding will be, so what’s the point? I want to know how legislators plan to stop criminals from selling to EACH OTHER. Forcing law abiding citizens to waste time at a FFL is not the answer.  The point of this Initiative is to make us feel warm and comforted, but in reality, this Initiative will do NOTHING to reduce violent crime or get guns out of the hands of criminals who can’t legally own guns anyway.

Private party sale background checks would not have stopped Rep. Gabby Gifford’s shooting, the Maryland mall shooting, Aurora, CO, Virginia Tech, or Sandy Hook. In fact, the Federal background check didn’t help prevent ANY of those shootings. The only aspects of similarity in these shootings is that they happened in “Gun-Free Zones” and were committed by mentally deranged individuals. This Initiative is just begging Federal law-makers to create a law that stops ALL law abiding gun owners from exchanging firearms. Criminals already can’t legally own guns, let alone buy or sell them, so preventing the law abiding from doing commerce without jumping through a meaningless background check is again arbitrary and will not appease the left in any way shape or form. It only limits the law abiding gun owner’s ability to buy and trade as we see fit. Again, I don’t need the government to tell me not to sell a gun to a criminal, do you??? If so, then enjoy your initiative Washington. No hard feelings, I just prefer liberty over a false sense of security and I believe I-594 is a HUGE step in the wrong direction to reduce violent crime.

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Utah Gun Exchange to launch partner site–Washington Gun Exchange

| Press Release | January 27, 2014

Washington Gun Exchange Logo

January 27, 2014
Nick Moyes

Utah-based group aims to make it easier to buy and sell guns in Washington.

Olympia, Washington – A Utah group is making it easier for residents of Washington State to buy and sell guns. The group behind UtahGunExchange.com, an online classifieds site for private firearm sales, has launched an identical site for Washington residents. According to the site’s founders, Nick Moyes and Kenny Barlow, the goal of the classified site is to bring the Washington gun community together to help protect their 2nd Amendment rights.

“WashingtonGunExchange.com is about building community,” co-founder Nick Moyes said. “We saw what happened when outlets in Utah that were friendly to the gun community bowed to political pressure and we want to preempt this from happening in another gun friendly state.” Moyes is referring to anti-gun former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has set his sites firmly on Washington State gun control efforts. Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” contributed $30,000 to a recent Washington gun control initiative.

“We wanted to provide a cooperative marketplace for Washington residents to find and offer firearms for sale.” Kenny Barlow said. “The more communication, coordination, and interaction the gun community has with each other, the harder it will be for adversaries to take away these rights.” In 2012, UtahGunExchange.com was launched within hours of the announcement that the local NBC affiliate had suspended private firearms sales through its classifieds service. UtahGunExchange.com received over 35 million page views in 2013.

Washington’s laws governing the private sales of firearms are identical to Utah. Washington residents can buy or sell firearms privately, as long as both the buyer and the seller are already legally allowed to own a firearm and both are residents of the State of Washington. However, the private sale of firearms across state lines requires that the firearm be transferred through a licensed dealer in the buyer’s state of residence.

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Streamlight Stylus Pro C4 Pen Light Review

| Product Review | January 3, 2014


Streamlight Stylus Pro C4 Pen Light Review

I love flashlights, second only to firearms, and lately I’ve been looking for a new EDC (Every Day Carry) light. In the past I’ve carried the Surefire™ E2D Defender, and even bought the LED version (it is a tad longer than the original). Both are very bright and are great if you wear cargo pants with extra pockets due to their size or if you want your flashlight to double as a backup weapon with their strike face bezels. However, I wanted something smaller, that didn’t heat up, that runs on everyday accessible batteries, and is still relatively bright.

I already own two Streamlight™ weapon lights that are attached to my bedside pistols. (The 630 lumen monster–the Streamlight TLR-1 HL) I have been VERY pleased with them thus far, so when I saw an Amazon “Lightning Deal” for the Streamlight™ Stylus Pro Penlight with 4 ½ out of 5 stars reviews— I rolled the dice and bought two.  If you plan to purchase one for yourself after reading this review, please support this site by doing so here:  Black Silver Blue Red Green Orange   IMG_1650 Initial Impressions: They arrived promptly and I was glad to see that they came with two, AAA Energizer batteries, a belt loop nylon holster, and a spare button cap for the on/off switch. So far so good, as far as the price was concerned. Not sure what the spare button cap is for, because is identical to the installed cap, and I can’t say that I’ve ever worn through the tail cap of any of my other lights, so it’ll get thrown into that “random parts” drawer (black hole abyss), never to be found again in the event that I DO need it someday. I also like that there is no dirt or water access to the C4 “bulb” itself. You can’t open the housing around the bulb, which is a non-issue because the “bulb” will outlive me—in fact Streamlight™ guarantees it.

Streamlight™ stands behind these lights with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, promising that it will “be free from defects, including LED, for a lifetime of use.”  What they won’t guarantee is the abuse I was about to put my silver version through though, heh heh.  So minus abuse and batteries, the switches and electronics are warrantied for 2 years as long as I keep the proof of purchase—my online Amazon receipt should suffice. Now for the abuse…inspired by their list of Features: IMG_1660 What does “IPX4 water-resistant” really mean? It means, that my silver Stylus Pro needed to go swimming. I’ll refer you to the video below so you can see its capabilities in the water for yourself, but the light held up fine.  There were no water bubbles escaping from it when submerged, however when I opened up the tail cap, small beads of water did make it in there, likely due to my attempts to shake water OFF of the flashlight once I pulled it out of the water bucket. The instructions recommend keeping the o-rings and threads “lubricated with silicone grease”. I should probably reapply some now since it went swimming… Conclusion, it is “water resistant”, but clearly not “water proof” and Streamlight™ is wise to make this distinction clear in their list of features.

The next feature to test was the “unbreakable polycarbonate lens”. I didn’t feel like taking a tack hammer to the lens, but I did turn it on, throw it up in the air 9 feet or so, and let it drop onto my carpeted Man Cave floor MULTIPLE times and there was not hiccup at all. The light never shorted out and there is no dis-figuration to the housing or the lens. (The silver housing is ‘too purdy’ to purposely drop it onto pavement where it would obviously end up with scars.)

Lastly, I tested the “6.25 hour run time”.  One of my biggest gripes with my Surefire lights, besides their bulk, was their limited run time on expensive CR123 batteries. Granted, they are putting out significantly more lumens (500), whereas this light only puts out “48 lumens” at its peak and it is certainly not a secondary weapon. Different purposes, different lights, I digress… IMG_1675IMG_1676The diminished light output followed the data in the graph above precisely, but then proceeded to beat the 6 hour 15 minute run-time mark by nearly a full hour! The light ran until 7hours 14 minutes!  My Surefire™ E2D LED has a “low” setting that also puts out 5 lumens, so it’s not a terrible amount of light, but it’s not great. At the 6 hour mark I would say it was as bright as those handheld lights doctors use to test your pupils’ response, but for this light to last another hour at 5 lumens, isn’t too shabby. Now I need new batteries…

Final notes and conclusion: The tail cap is relatively difficult to compress to turn the light off/on. IMG_1652 I think this by design so that as you’re carrying it in a pocket it doesn’t turn off/on accidentally (Surefire™ G2 issue) and you end up with a dead light when you actually need it. The pocket clip is very strong, and rotates smoothly around the tail cap. It strikes a perfect balance between being able to rotate the clip and not come off the tail cap, without some serious effort. At 5 ¼” long and a max diameter of .58”, it doesn’t bother me to keep it in my front pants pocket or in my Brad Thor Alpha Jacket “tactical pen pocket”. It even fits in that jacket pocket WITH the supplied holster. IMG_1648 All in all, I’m happy with it and it will be a welcome addition to my rotation of EDC gear. IMG_1658Edit: I just bought a Red version one too—darn Amazon and their “Lightning Deals”! I’ll give the silver one to my wife to carry in her purse, next to her holstered Sig P238.

If you plan to purchase one of your own after reading this review, please use the following links to support this site & this product review: Black Silver Blue Red Green Orange

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